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Use our Open Position Posting Service to:
  • Post to 100+ Job boards or provide us a link to your job posting
  • Get help with writing thorough Job Posting to attract best talent
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VORKIS provides AI-Powered candidate search that includes:
  • Best Candidates short list with BEST FIT SCORE against each candidate.

    You can save on rates by UPSKILLING less-costly candidates within weeks.

    TRAINING PATH recommendations provided for candidates to get 100% match.

  • SKILL GAPS ASSESSMENT for each potential candidate against posted position
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We take care of Prescreening and onboarding
  • Interviews for over 150 specialties and 3K skills.
  • Interview recording and analysis.
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We provide AI-Powered:
  • SKILL GAPS ASSESSMENT for each potential candidate against posted position
  • SKILL SCORING for each candidate
  • BEST FIT recommendation score and SAVING against each candidate
  • TRAINING PATH recommendations for candidates to get 100% match
  • Open Position POSTINGS recommendation to attract best talent
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Send me candidates

Prescreen my candidates
  • Hire skill guru to Interview for over 150 specialties and 3K skills.
  • Pick level of tech assessment (Junior, Mid-Level, Senior) from 100K+ brainteasers and skill assessment questions
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Send me candidates (List includes)
  • Candidate profile
  • Candidate skill scoring card (Radar chart)
  • Verified/Unverified skills
  • Resume
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Interview my candidates (soft and hard skills)
  • Technical interview available for 150+ specialties and 3K skills for Junior, Mid-Level, Senior levels
  • Interview recording and analysis.
  • Professional and behavioral analysis with enhanced OCEAN models
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Rank my candidates
  • Top 10 skills scoring radar chart for every candidate and side by side comparison.
  • Up-skilling option for each candidate to have ideal candidate for your position.
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Create talent pool

  • Tech stack assessment
  • Team assessment
  • Personalized learning path recommendation
  • Team training (200K course catalog available)
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  • External team assessment
  • External team hiring and management.
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Job Posting Services

  • Skillset Lists (Must have, Nice to have)
  • Automated wider reach for Job Postings with over 100 job boards APIs

HR Services

  • Global Legal Services
  • Global Insurance Services

Global Payroll Services

  • Global Payment
  • Global Timesheets

Personalized Team Training

  • How does goal oriented training works
  • Upskill or Reskill my team
  • Create your corporate training
  • Create upskill plan
  • Create your training cloud

Employee Retention and Rewards programs

  • Career Development
  • Recognition Programs
  • Non-Monetary Incentives
  • Non-Monetary Incentives

Technology Assessments

  • Company Tech Stack Assessment
  • Modern Technology Trends and Usage
  • Tech migration calculator

Team Skills Assessments

  • Evaluate my workforce
  • Professional and behavioral analysis with enhanced OCEAN models


for Team Digital Transformation

  • Content studio
  • Private secured messenger
  • 360 engagement stats
  • Team Digital Transformation

UNI bot

HR Help Desk

  • Help Desk
  • Alert system
  • Ticketing system
  • Goal Oriented Training Assistant

Income Sharing Programs

Save money with VORKIS

  • Let VORKIS pre-train and upskill the best candidates
  • Save money with VORKIS early-stage talent selection and custom upskilling.

Market data Dashboards

  • Salaries
  • Specialties trends
  • Tech trends
  • Realtime market indicators
  • Skill trends
  • Specialists popularity indicators

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