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VORKIS: Revolutionizing Educational Institutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

At VORKIS, we understand the evolving needs of educational institutions in preparing students for the dynamic job market.

Our suite of AI-powered tools and services is designed to bridge the gap between education and employment, offering an unparalleled experience for both educators and learners.

Student Placement Services

AI-powered Career Counseling
  • Utilizes advanced algorithms to provide personalized career advice to students
Suitable Career Paths forecasting
  • Predicts future career paths based on current trends and individual student profiles
Resume Optimization & Job Application Assistance
  • Helps students craft compelling resumes and navigate job applications effectively
Application Tracking System
  • Streamlines the job application process with efficient tracking and management

Enhance my programs

Curriculum Optimization
  • Tailors educational content to align with industry needs and skill trends
Program Analytics
  • Provides insights into program effectiveness and student engagement
Collaborative Learning Initiatives
  • Encourages collaboration between students and industry professionals through projects and internships.

VORKIS Integration

AI-Powered personalized learning experiences based on individual student strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations

Hosted EDU-Cloud

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Adaptable cloud-based solutions to meet the growing needs of institutions
  • Data Security and Compliance: Ensures the protection and privacy of educational data
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates seamless collaboration among students and educators
  • Separate study environment for every student
  • Market Datasets

Block-based 'Drag & Drop' Content Creator

revolutionizes the way educators develop and deliver learning materials

This intuitive tool is designed to empower educators with the flexibility and creativity to build customized learning experiences, much like constructing with LEGO bricks. It's an invaluable tool for educators looking to elevate their teaching methods and engage students in a more dynamic learning environment.


On-the-Fly Customization
  • Allows educators to assemble learning materials quickly and efficiently by selecting and piecing together existing content modules. This process is as simple and creative as building with LEGO blocks, enabling instructors to adapt to different teaching contexts and student needs dynamically
Modular Approach to Learning Material Creation
  • Provides a vast library of content modules – each covering specific topics, concepts, or activities. Educators can easily browse, select, and combine these modules to construct a cohesive and comprehensive learning resource that aligns with their curriculum goals
Seamless Integration and Adaptability
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into existing lesson plans, the Content Constructor enables educators to enhance their teaching material without starting from scratch. It's perfect for tailoring content to address class-specific interests, varying academic levels, or emerging industry trends
Interactive and Engaging
  • The ability to mix and match content modules means that educators can create more interactive and engaging learning experiences. This method encourages a hands-on approach to education, making lessons more appealing and effective for students
Efficient Resource Management
  • Saves time and resources by allowing educators to repurpose and recombine existing materials, reducing the need to constantly create new content from scratch

Income Sharing Programs

Aligning Student Success with Institutional Growth

VORKIS is redefining the partnership between educational institutions and the job market through our innovative Income Sharing Programs. This initiative is designed to forge a symbiotic relationship where both students’ career success and institutional growth are interconnected.

How it works:

Strategic Student Placement
  • VORKIS specializes in placing university students into promising job roles that align with their skills and career aspirations.
  • Our extensive network and deep understanding of the job market ensure high placement rates, opening doors to lucrative career paths for students
Shared Success Model
  • When students succeed in the workplace, educational institutions benefit as well. Under our Income Sharing Programs, a portion of the graduates' future income is shared with their alma mater.
  • This model creates a continuous revenue stream for institutions, directly linked to the successful employment of their graduates
Strengthened Institutional Reputation
  • The success of our placement program enhances the reputation of partnering educational institutions.
  • Graduates thriving in their careers serve as testaments to the quality of education and support provided. This success, in turn, attracts more prospective students, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and reputation enhancement
Long-Term Partnership
  • Our commitment goes beyond immediate placement; we focus on the long-term career progression of students.
  • Institutions benefit from a sustained partnership, as successful alumni progress in their careers and continue contributing to their alma mater
Data-Driven Approach
  • VORKIS utilizes advanced analytics to match students with the most suitable job opportunities, maximizing the chances of their professional success.
  • This data-driven approach ensures that the benefits of the program are maximized for both students and institutions

By participating in VORKIS's Income Sharing Programs, educational institutions open a pathway to financial sustainability and enhanced prestige, all while supporting their students in securing fruitful and fulfilling careers.

It's more than a program; it's a partnership for future success


Offer Personalized Learning to your students

VORKIS mobile offers students access to learning resources, schedules, and career tools on the go and empowers student’s career success

VORKIS Mobile is user-friendly and accessible, making career management a breeze

  • A Step Ahead: In a competitive job market, staying informed and prepared is key. VORKIS Mobile ensures you never miss out on important career steps
  • Customized for You: Each feature is tailored to your needs, supporting your unique career path and helping you achieve your professional goals
  • Download and Discover: Embark on a transformative career journey with VORKIS Mobile. Download the app today and take the first step towards a successful, well-managed professional future

VORKIS Mobile Features

My Todo
  • Stay organized and on track with a customized to-do list that keeps your career goals and daily tasks in perfect harmony
My Scheduling
  • Simplify your life with an integrated scheduling tool
  • Whether it’s interviews, meetings, or personal reminders, manage your time efficiently with ease
My Learning Path
  • Access tailored learning resources and courses on the go. Your personalized learning path ensures continuous development and skill enhancement, fitting perfectly into your busy schedule
My Documents
  • Keep all your important career documents - resumes, certificates, project summaries - securely in one place. Access and share them instantly, wherever you are
My Alerts and Notifications
  • Never miss an opportunity or deadline with real-time alerts and notifications
  • Be the first to know about job openings, learning opportunities, and important updates

Digital Certification

Harnessing Blockchain Technology with VORKIS and

Transform academic achievements into digital certificates using advanced blockchain technology, setting a new standard for credential verification and sharing.

Digital Certification is a Game-Changer for Universities:

Immutable Verification of Credentials
  • Leveraging blockchain technology, ensures that each digital certificate is tamper-proof and permanently verifiable.
  • This provides an added layer of security and trust in the validity of university credentials, essential in today's digital landscape
Global Recognition and Portability
  • Blockchain-certified achievements can be accessed and verified globally, breaking down geographical barriers in credential recognition.
  • This allows alumni to confidently present their qualifications to employers and institutions worldwide
Enhanced Professional Visibility for Alumni
  • Graduates can share their blockchain-verified digital certificates across social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • This visibility not only showcases their achievements but also reflects the university's commitment to innovative and secure credentialing
Increased Institutional Credibility
  • By adopting blockchain technology, universities signal their dedication to cutting-edge solutions and secure credentialing practices.
  • This enhances the institution's reputation for innovation and forward-thinking
Facilitated Networking Opportunities
  • Digital certificates make it easier for alumni to connect with potential employers and industry leaders, fostering professional networking and career opportunities
Sustainable and Future-Ready
  • Blockchain-based digital certification is an environmentally friendly alternative to paper certificates.
  • The technology's adaptability ensures that universities remain at the forefront of digital credentialing, prepared for future advancements

Step into the future of academic credentialing, offering their students and alumni the benefits of blockchain-verified digital certificates.

This initiative not only enhances the digital presence of graduates but also solidifies the university's position as a modern, secure, and globally recognized educational institution.

Interview (Help Desk)

  • Help Desk: Offers 24/7 support for technical and academic queries.
  • Training Assistant: Assists in personalized learning and skill development.
  • Post-Placement Tech Support: Provides ongoing technical support to alumni.
  • Career Guide: Offers career advice and industry insights to students.

Jobs Market Data

  • Map educational programs to future market demands: Aligns educational programs with emerging skill requirements.
  • Tech Trends & Skill Trends: Keeps track of the latest technological and skill developments.
  • Year/year trend change: Provides comprehensive data on industry shifts, emerging fields, and global market changes.
  • Market Data by Skills: Analyzes skill-based trends, open positions, salary expectations, and future demand.
  • Market Data by Occupation: Offers detailed analytics on occupation trends, open positions, salary ranges, and
    • Year/year trend change
    • Open positions available
    • Salary ranges
    • Occupation popularity future projections
    • Common skills set per occupation

Real-Time job market Indicators:

  • Specialties Trends: Offers insights into current job market demands and specialty areas. Provides immediate insights into market shifts, employment trends, and industry changes.
  • Specialties Popularity Indicators: Highlights the most popular specialties in the job market.

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